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DSHOOT / DPRINT - Factory installation / configuration of software for VARs and SIs
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In 1992 CLone Star Software introduced the DSHOOT / DPRINT facilities to the VAR industry in order to provide them with an assembly-line method of producing fully configured systems of pre-installed software, without the need to hire individuals to perform such installations.
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Today, these facilities have been updated to allow for automated installations of operating systems and applications software, as well as device drivers, for the following operating systems:
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Windows 3.1
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows 2000
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The DSHOOT / DPRINT facility consists of the following applications:
The Order-Taker: This program allows an individual to enter an order for a personal computer by selecting the hardware configuration, including addon cards, as well as the operating system and application programs that are to be included on the final machine. This order is checked for possible conflicts and the results are written to a CSV (comma separated variable) file which is used by the DSHOOT / DPRINT configuration server. This CSV file can also be generated from one or more forms on a web site. The CSV file is included on a special boot diskette that is produced prior to the actual assembly of the personal computer. A written record is also produced which documents the PC hardware construction that must take place.
The DSHOOT / DPRINT configuration server: This software exists in order to carry out the requirements for software installation that were recorded in the CSV file at the time the initial order for the PC took place. When the machine has completed its physical construction phase, the special boot diskette is placed into the machine and the machine is turned on. The boot diskette contains software which will connect the new PC to the configuration server through a LAN interface that operates via the standard printer parallel port. The configuration of all of the software required for the new PC then takes place. When completed, a written report is generated for record-keeping purposes and the new PC is ready to ship.
DSHOOT / DPRINT is available as a package to VARs and Systems Integrators for $2500.00 (U.S.). This license entitles you to telephone support for a period of two years as well as free upgrades for a period of two years from the time of your initial license payment. There's no longer any need to allocate expensive human resources for software installation. DSHOOT / DPRINT guarantees you and your customer a pre-tested and uniformly accurate software installation. More accurate for your customer, a more stable installation, and fewer support calls for you will make DSHOOT / DPRINT a welcomed addition to your business tools.
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