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MS-DOS/Windows 3.1/NetWare product used to establish an SFT-III capability for your PC or PC/Windows workstation, regardless of the Network Operating System which you use.
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Server-based server-to-server mirroring for your MS-NET-derivative network operating system.
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Server-based network bridging from your MS-NET derivative network operating system to many other network operating systems, including NetWare.
General troubleshooting utility used to discover the name and location of software components being used by different applications, discover compatibility faults, tune your workstation environments, and many other useful capabilities.
Internal O/S redirection utility allows network administrators to selectively substitute different software components for testing compatibility of individual .DLLs, drivers, etc. A utility that no administrator or programmer should be without!
For VARs and System Integrators, now there's a utility which allows you to automate the installation and configuration of software, including the operating system itself, on machines which you build, sell, and/or install. Eliminate human error from the installation process. Build-to-order now comes to the VAR market!