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If your organization is considering or planning the construction of a SCADA application, then you can get a genuine headstart and a giant step toward an earlier completion. Our ModBoss software suite can provide you will all of the essential elements of the ModBus communications capabilities that you'll need in order to bring your application to market.
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ModBoss is a suite of programs that can be compiled and configured to meet your special application requirements. ModBoss functionality includes:
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ModBus communications modules that handle both 16 and 32 bit tracepoint or "coil" values, including configuration of input/output byte-ordering parameters.

Configurable tracepoint matrix definitions that are expandable in increments of 256 tracepoints.

Administrative modules that allow realtime inspection or tracking of various characteristics of the communications functionality.
ModBoss is sold as a package of source code and instructional materials. Your source code license allows you to produce an unlimited number of applications from a single source code license. Of course, you cannot simply resell the ModBoss package, but you are allowed to use/modify the ModBoss source code as long as it is integrated into your own SCADA application.

The ModBoss source code packages the communications capabilities as a virtual device driver and as a standard Windows .DLL. Also included is the source code for a .OCX component that can be used by your application. Whether your SCADA application is written in C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, or even Access Basic, you can take full advantage of ModBoss functionality.
The ModBoss source code package is available for a one-time license fee of $50,000.00 (U.S.). If your development effort requires on-site instruction/support for integration of the ModBoss software, this can be provided at the rate of $25,000.00 for one week, in addition to travel expenses. This fee is applicable for any location in the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Your basic license fee entitles you to telephone support for a period of two years from the date of purchase.
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