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Along with OptionRobot, LLC of San Antonio, Texas, CLone Star Software has produced OptionRobot; a software product designed to take most of the guess-work out of choosing and trading stock options. OptionRobot allows you to target and search for option trading opportunities that will provide you with the highest probability and the greatest return for your investment/risk capital.
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Main Products Page OptionRobot works on some relatively simple principles and goals. First, it allows you to define your goals and then to establish those goals in the form of parameters. These parameters operate as limits and requirements that are used by OptionRobot in searching the market for those CALLS and PUTS which can represent good-return short-term investments. Although all investment embraces some element of risk, the amount of risk you wish to incur is one of the goals that you can define for OptionRobot to use in its search and analysis phases. OptionRobot uses many different sources of information, via the internet, in order to find the best option investment opportunities for you, within the risk limits that you set.
OptionRobot is not a tool that is used to place buy and sell orders with a brokerage firm. OptionRobot is a highly refined search and analysis tool that is used to identify short-term investment opportunities that meet your investment / return / risk (probability) parameters. OptionRobot gathers its information automatically, via the internet, and performs its calculations according to the parameters you establish. You need not employ any special high-speed internet connection in order to effectively use OptionRobot. Any standard dialup internet connection will be sufficient for OptionRobot.
OptionRobot requires a personal computer running Windows 95/98/2000/NT, with a working internet connection, in order to operate.
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