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You don't need to be an "old pro" with the internet in order to know how annoying those pesky popup advertising windows can be when you encounter them while surfing the internet. Some ISPs even sell advertising on their home sites and employ a bevy of advertising windows that seem to popup from nowhere. Worse yet, you have to endure them, closing them as fast as you can.
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Are you "fed up" with popup browser windows yet ?
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Fortunately there's now an inexpensive and easy way to insure that those popup windows never bother you again! Our THUMPER software product is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use utility that can free you from the unyielding grip of determined advertisers.
The THUMPER program installs as a utility in your system which is activated whenever you start your computer. It maintains a database of window titles. If a window, containing one of the titles in this database, ever attempts to load on your computer, then Thumper will force it to close or disappear. The Thumper program isn't limited to only detecting unwanted popup windows. It can also act as a general Windows task supervisory control. After Thumper loads, it minimizes itself and is displayed as a small icon in the system tray, which is normally located in the lower right corner of your screen. If, during web browsing, you encounter a new (unwanted) advertising window, you can enable Thumper, select the name of the new advertising window from a drop-down list and then click a button to add it to your database. Thumper will immediately close the advertising window and will forever keep that advertising window from ever bothering you again. Thumper is always on the lookout for unwanted windows. Whenever one is detected, Thumper automatically forces it to close or disappear from your screen.
Thumper also allows you to maintain a database of "protected" windows. That is to say, you can protect certain windows from Thumper's auto-close actions. If there are some popup windows that you wish to view and/or use, these windows can be added to a separate database of "protected" windows. In this manner your use of Thumper's databases will create a treatment of windows that is customized for your individual computer system.
And what does all of this cost ?
Thumper is now available as FreeWare by clicking here.
Learn how to use Thumper by clicking here.
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