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A Windows 95/98/2K/NT utility designed to allow you to control the appearance of those pesky advertisement popup browser windows that you encounter when surfing the internet.
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For SCADA applications, now there's a universal ModBus communications and tracepoint mapping driver which can handle all of your communications needs. Handles both 2-byte and 4-byte integer values via user-configurable settings. ModBoss is sold via a source-code license for integration within your SCADA application, and can be easily expanded, via configurable parameters, to handle any number of tracepoints.
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A Windows / Internet utility which will enable you to find the hidden treasures in the stock market. Brought to you by OptionRobot, LLC of San Antonio, Texas.
For VARs and System Integrators, now there's a utility which allows you to automate the installation and configuration of software, including the operating system itself, on machines which you build, sell, and/or install. Eliminate human error from the installation process. Build-to-order now comes to the VAR market!